Who are Retail Business and how can you help me sell my business?

Retail Business are a client-focused business sales consultancy specialising in food and hospitality retail businesses, we are based in Sydney and our service offers coverage across New South Wales.

We utilise dynamic marketing, enhanced advertising and bespoke business profiling when selling any business. We also look after our clients; we demonstrate excellent customer service and we offer expert advice through each and every step of the sale process.


I don't know if I should use a business broker, how are Retail Business any different?

I have spoken to hundreds of disgruntled business owners over the years regarding the business broker industry and the service that they have received when selling a business.


Retail Business has heard you; we offer a one stop shop for the modern day small business owner. You provide us with the information for your sale and we will take ownership of the process, our approach is completely client focused. So whilst you can focus on running your business, we will manage your sale and provide you with a friendly and consultative service throughout. 


How will Retail Business go about selling my business and what is included in your service?

Personal business appraisal

We will meet with you to assess the value of your business and build an understanding of your commercial objectives, so that we can advise when best to go to market and at what price.

Bespoke business profile

Research and preparation of a detailed business profile, unique to your business. The content will be geared towards profiling your business within its market and ensuring that the content will meet the expectations of your prospective purchaser.

Dynamic marketing

In a competitive market we will provide your business listing with the visual edge.

Promotion of your business

We have an extensive network of buyers and we are experts in your field.

Inspections and meetings

We will coordinate all prospective purchaser inspections and meetings around you, so that you can focus on running your business.

Feedback and advice

Providing you with regular feedback and constructive advice throughout your sale.

Confidentiality and privacy

The information you provide us will be kept confidential and secure.

Prospective purchaser vetting

Assistance with determining the suitability of any prospective purchaser and a risk profile regarding each individual proposal to purchase.

Offers to purchase

We will have every offer documented in detail and authorised by the proposed buyer to minimise the time that the sales contract requires to reach exchange.

Instructing solicitors

As required we can be in contact with all legal parties to ensure that the sale process remains fluid.

Sales deposit

As required we will hold the deposit within our trust account for your security.


Once you are paid, then we get paid.

Unparalleled Service

We are with you through every step of your sales process to provide you with advice and we welcome a relationship after your sale.



I'm not sure if I'm ready to sell my business yet, what do I need to do?

If you are thinking to sell your business or perhaps you just wanted some advice as to how to go about selling a business, then please feel free to contact us for further guidance. Preparing a business for sale is crucial to the success of the sale itself; we can help you with the following.

Exit Strategy

You can implement an exit strategy as soon as you embark upon your new business venture and it is best practice to do so. Having the right tools and systems in place from the start will assist immeasurably when you decide you want to sell.

Financial Information

Up to date, accurate and comprehensive financial information will make or break your sale. Talk to us about what documentation a buyer expects to see and how best to present your financial information for your business sale.


Market Trends

Contact us anytime to discuss the current market trends relevant to your business and your location, we would love to hear from you.

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